What does Caldos Mediterráneo offer?

At Caldos del Mediterráneo we offer you high quality products ready to prepare in a very simple way.

Our first product is EL CALDERO, which is a stock for making Caldero rice, a typical dish from the Mar Menor on the coast of Murcia in south-east Spain. It is ready to boil, add the rice (which we’ve included in the pack) and serve just a few minutes later, with the same quality as you’d get in a restaurant, without all the hassle.

All our ingredients are of the highest quality, we don’t use artificial preservatives or colouring, just the same ingredients as the fishermen who invented the dish.

¿How is EL CALDERO presented?

El Caldero comes in an elegant pack which contains a glass jar with the stock and a cloth bag containing the exact quantity of rice for 2 generous portions. The rice is “designation of origin”, from Calasparra, which is the best rice in the region.

¿How long can I keep EL CALDERO?

The product is a conserve with a shelf life of over 1 year,  so it can be kept at room temperature and used whenever you like. Please store in a cool, dry place.

¿Where can I eat EL CALDERO?

EL CALDERO is so easy to prepare that we can eat it any time, any place. We can eat it at home, on the boat, on an excursion… wherever.