Rock Paella

A collection of preparations for paellaand mediterranean riche dishes, ready to boil, add rice and serve in a few minutes, whith the same quality as the finest restauran, or the best home cooking. All without the laborious process of shopping and preparation.

All the ingredients are of the highest quality, without preservatives and artificial colors, just the same ingredients that have always been used by the cooks who invented these dishes, the same ingredients that have always been used in spanish homes.

The RockPAELLA collection is presented in colorful boxes, showing the wide range available, which contain a jar of the mix with a bag of high quality rice in exactly the right quantity. In the case of “fideuá” a bag of this special noodle is included.

RockPAELLA products are sterilized and have a shelf life of over three years, so they can be kept at room temperature and used whenever desired.

Given the ease of preparation, RockPAELLA products can be eaten any time or place, any season of the year, at home, on a picnic, wherever and whenever it’s ready in 20 minutes.

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