Caldero +company

To enjoy in the best company , we present a collection of selected accessories for a perfect match.
We have created a number of packages to complete the experience of enjoying a meal in the company . We offer different options for all tastes and preferences.
As the base, our already famous stock, to which we add one of the best rices in the world, Calasparra rice , presented in a cloth bag with exactly the right amount to prepare two rations (220 g.) with the same ease as always (boil, add , cook and serve).
To complete the experience, EL CALDERO + COMPANY also includes different options, all with excellent quality, so it’s the perfect gift for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine .
We present two ales of undisputed quality, malt and triple double fermentation : one made in Murcia with the best barley malt , and the other awarded ” Best beer in the World” by the ITQI, with amazing aromas of honey and rosemary.
For wine lovers we offer three alternatives, all with the Monastrell grape: a young ecologically produced wine accompanied by organic rice and two mature Jumillas, with different aging characteristics.

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